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Many of our projects are are directly funded by partners who align themselves with the goals of a particular activity. Some, however, are currently unfunded. Sponsoring a project is a tangible way of making a difference, and means that the future of such effective interventions is secured. Your support is needed, so that we can continue to implement effective, life changing projects in rural Cambodia. Thank you.

Agricultural Cooperative Project

TGF supports the Ministry of Agriculture’s objective of increasing the number of Agricultural Coperatives (AC)  in Cambodia and increasing the participation of small farm owners in cooperative business activities. Working with local agriculture officials, TGF provides training and resources to enable farmers to establish small cooperatives.

Members buy shares and use the capital to develop collaborative business activities such as agricultural input supply, bringing down the costs of inputs for their members. By collectivizing, farmers have more bargaining power than when acting alone, leading to reduced expenditures and higher returns of agricultural activities. Every year the cooperative holds an Annual General Meeting where financial reports are issued and share dividends generated from profitable business activities are disbursed to members. These AC’s are registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, who provide a national standard for the governance of Cambodian cooperatives.

To support the Agricultural Cooperative and ensure that it continues to grow, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $9,726 USD

School Support Committee Project

In 2013, the Ministry of Education Youth & Sports developed guidelines on the establishment of School Support Committees (SSCs), mandated for every public school in Cambodia. These committees comprise of students, parents, teachers, principles and local officials, and are tasked with improving community engagement and provide stakeholder oversight to the management of each school.

In collaboration with the local department for education, TGF provides training and resources to the SSCs of 8 primary schools in Chi Kraeng district, to increase the ability of schools to deliver quality learning in child friendly environments. Each SSC develops a village map, identifying households with children of school age, monitors their enrollment and progression through school and conducts biannual home visits to households of children with low attendance. They also meet at least 6 times per year to discuss school development and administrative issues.

To support the continued effective management of 8 schools in rural Cambodia, please consider sponsoring this programme.

Project Cost: $9,980 USD.

Community Savings Group project

Community-based Savings Groups are an innovative solution to financial exclusion of the rural poor that builds resilience and increases empowerment of beneficiaries, particularly women, who represent over 90% of the members of TGF’s Savings Groups (SGs). First implemented in 2011, to provide basic financial services to rural communities in Chi Kraeng, they deliver these services; including savings and credit, through small savings groups rather than financial institutions.

Today, nearly 800 villagers across 34 villages in Chi Kraeng participate every month. TGF trains and supports village based groups to save regularly, borrow from their group’s fund, and repay loans with interest. At the end of the annual saving cycle, the fund is divided and each member receives their savings plus a share of the profit. Savings cycles are linked to the agricultural calender providing money and resources when they are most scarce. In 2018, TGF-supported SGs provided villagers with access to over US$130,000 in credit.

To support the Savings Group project, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $17,080 USD

Vocational and Business Skills Training

A key challenge in raising incomes in rural communities is low financial literacy and lack of basic business skills, which limit the ability of local people to develop and expand small businesses. Every year TGF Income Generation (IG) programme staff provide training in book keeping, business development and marketing to community members in Chi Kraeng as well as providing ongoing support and mentoring to those who develop new, or expand existing businesses. TGF also has a limited budget to seed new businesses when required. As well as business skills, IG staff work with the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate vocational training to improve local agricultural and animal husbandry practices; these include SRI rice and vegetable production, pig, chicken and fish raising.

To support the continued effective delivery of vocational training to people in rural Cambodia, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $12,523 USD.

English Classes

In 2013, the Ministry of Education, Youth & Sports (MoEYS) in it’s Education Strategic Plan set out it’s target for all students grades 4-6 to have access to 4 hours English language instruction per week. Since 2010, TGF has been subsidising English language classes in 4 primary schools. These classes were originally only available for grade 6 students, and introduced basic English skills before beginning formal classes in secondary school. In 2016, thanks to a new curriculum developed by MoEYS in partnership with VSO, we expanded these classes to include all students grade 4-6. In addition to teacher stipends, TGF provides teacher training and resources for all 4 schools and TGF staff facilitate regular meetings and mentor teachers in class. We would like to expand the current programme to offer classes to students in all 8 schools we support in Chi Kraeng, however, this is not possible at this time due to a lack of local teachers with sufficient English langauge skills.

To support the delivery of effective English classes to students in rural Cambodia, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $7,707 USD

Clean Water Project

“Attention to rural water supply, sanitation, and hygiene will unquestionably deliver results—less child deaths, better learning at school, less disease, more productive workers, less health costs for the people and the system,” – Rana Flowers (UNICEF), 2014. In 2010, the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) published its ‘Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene Strategy 2010–2025’. The first of 5 strategic objectives set out in the document was; “By 2015, 50% and by 2025, 100% of the rural population have sustainable access to improved water supply.” The results of the 2014 Cambodian Demographic Health Survey showed in 2014 only 40% of rural households had access to improved water sources. Since 2010, TGF has built more than 700 wells and provided over 2000 water filters to housholds in 59 villages; providing sustainable access to improved water sources to over 40,000 people. This is supplemented by community-based education and has combined to reduce cases of water-borne diseases reported at the local health centres by 83%. Since start of 2017, TGF has been promoting to communities and working with local technicians to oversee the construction of almost 400 Rainwater Harvesting Systems – 2,000L tanks which collect rainwater from roofs, to be safely stored to off-set dry season shortages. 

To help provide clean water to even more people in 2019, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $57,122 USD.

Summer School Project

In addition to working with school management, local authorities and the community to improve the quality of education and its delivery within local primary schools, TGF also provides supplementary programmes such as the annual summer school. For two months during the summer holiday, TGF funds 5 Summer Schools for over 1,000 children in grades 6 and 7. Classes are focused on core subjects; Maths, Khmer literacy and the sciences, to assist students who are about to transition to secondary school as well as those who have completed their first year. A range of English classes are also provided to assist students move from primary school, where little to no English has been taught (due to lack of skilled local teachers), to secondary school, where a strong emphasis has been placed on foreign language skills. These are the only free revision classes available to students in Chi Kraeng district.

To support TGF’s Summer School, please consider sponsoring this project.

Project Cost: $11,635 USD